Pymatuning Outboard Motor Club
Pymatuning Outboard Motor Club

The Commodore Sez

Our goal is to keep improving our club to make it better for the membership.  This coming year we will be renovating F Dock.

Judy & Woody will return next year.  They have done an excellent job with the grounds.

Due to many complaints the following law will be enforced.  You may fish from your boat only in the bay.  You can’t tie up to another boat in the bay.  You will have to go out on the lake or ask to have your dock changed.  You can still fish off someone else’s boat but you must have written permission.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

State law:  No fishing is permitted on the docks from April 1st thru October 31st.  Members are permitted to fish from their docked boats, but only on their own slip.

We have a great team of officers and directors.  Thank you for being such great members.  Stay safe this winter and we will see you next year.


.                                                                               Commodore Chris Fisher

For Pontoon Boat Removal Service

Please Call:

    Bill Craig                                      (724) 344-2140  

    West Bay (Ron)                             (724) 932-3171  

    Pymatuning Boat Sales (Frank)       (724) 932-3598 

"Docks Available" for information please contact Nancy Fisher at (440)293-8313.  The fees can be seen on our membership form

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