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Pymatuning Outboard Motor Club

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It’s time to start thinking about what improvements we would like to see.  The addition of 12 more floating docks, more new picnic tables, carpeting for the clubhouse, the driveway repaved and more parking space are among our plans for the next year.  One of our main improvements this year was the completion of the sewer.  Our goal is to keep improving our club to make it better for the membership.  We have a great team of officers and directors.  Thank you for being such great members.  A special thank you to all of the members that put in their time and energy to build the new docks.  Stay safe this winter and we will see you next year.


.                                                                               Commodore Chris Fisher

We will be starting to build some docks for extensions.  It will probably start this Saturday.  If you can help at all, please call Jim White (724) 714-2098 and let him know when you are available. Also if you could bring drill guns, especially the battery operated ones, that would really help.  We want to get them built now so they can be put on in the spring,  This should give us an additional 12 floating docks.

"Docks Available" for information please contact Nancy Fisher at (440)293-8313.  The fees can be seen on our membership form

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